Sentries 1

Sentries 1

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Sentries 1: Sentries leader Michael Chan sends Bastian and Hector to Georgia to find Bailey Ann Marshal, a potentially powerful Alpha Omega, to protect her and discuss her possible future with the Sentries. While Bastian and Hector travel to Georgia, a truck falls off a jack and appears to crush Bailey but she catches it in mid air and learns she has super strength. When Bastian and Hector arrive at the Marshal’s home, they make a pitch to Bailey for her to join the Sentries. Bailey asks for time to think about their offer. Before Bastian and Hector leave, they give her a bracelet that can summon help, block her energy signature from being tracked and protect her from telepaths. Later, the telepath Marlos, sent by the evil Lord Shard, takes control of Bailey’s family’s minds, forcing her to remove the bracelet, but not before she uses it to signal Bastian.

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