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Romy 1

Romy 1

SKU: 0005

ROMY 1: After Romy, a college student,  gets caught in a college  chemistry laboratory explosion, she is attacked by street thugs. Romy discovers that she has invulnerable skin and beats them to a pulp with her martial arts skills. She confesses her actions to her foster father, the professor. They agree that she can be a great instrument in fighting crime and protecting he innocent. The professor gives her a modified squirt gun that shoots acid, to aid her in her mission. Romy follows a street dealer to the hideout of a drug kingpin. Pretending to be an exotic dancer, she infiltrates the Kingpin’s inner sanctum and uses her bullet proof skin and acid gun to mete vigilante justice. Melting their bodies into a bloody sludge, Romy gives their blood money to the poor.


    Standard comic book size. Glossy finish. 

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